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October is a great time in the greater Phoenix area. Actually the entire State is beautiful this time of year.  As cooler temperatures and the seasonal changes occur, we transition from summer to the cooler "summer's coming", through Christmas and the New Year.  The lawn is growing more slowly and I will have some rest from the mowing and trimming projects over the next few months.  The change allows more people to get outside and walk or ride a bike.   

I continue to question the "science" regarding those who have had Covid-19 and developed natural immunity from the virus.  Why are people expected to get a vaccine when those same people have developed their own natural immunity to the disease from a previous exposure.  The recent reports regarding the vaccines now suggest only a couple months of strong protection from having the shot, but it declines rapidly.  The media and Big Tech are not talking about this and even censor this discussion.  With hundreds of US physicians recommending the use of Quercitin Zinc, hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin as tools to decrease the impact of the virus for those who have been vaccinated and those who have not, vaccine manufacturers are developing their own forms of prophylatic supports to decrease the impact of the virus as so many are having "break through" reocurrances of Covid-19 varients. There continues to be a considerable effort by many to downplay the impact of these low cost prophylactic measures with a singular focus on a vaccine, that may protect you for 2 months?   Why would someone who had the virus and has long term immunity be force to leave a job.  We are going to have a severe shortage of Doctors and Nurses, engineers, teachers, government workers and the military service people, due to the demand for a shot when many have already had the virus.  It doesn't make sense. Just my opinion and concerns.

I attended an October Arizona Association of Chiropractic sponsored seminar in Scottsdale regarding patient management.  It was interesting as the discussion involved the difference for "medical necessity" of care versus "chiropractic necessity" of care.  Insurance coverage of treatment involves a medical diagnosis and coding related to treatment to get someone out of pain.  No pain and there is no "medical necessity of care".  As many of you have learned, I am able to identify areas of involvement at a sub-acute level, where you are unaware of the subluxation prior to me testing and finding the areas of involvement and when I touch or treat the area, there will be pain or soreness where you were unaware.  I hear it every day. "I didn't know that was sore" is a common statement I hear as I work the full body evaluation I do each time you come in.  As that was not a "complaint" when you came in, that is not a medical area of concern but a chiropractic one.  Medicare would not cover treatment to those areas as they would be seen as supportive care or maintenance care and Medicare does not cover preventive care for any problem treated by a Chiropractor.  It is very confusing for many Seniors as Medicare covers only sibluxaztion of the spine, which includes the base of the head, neck, upper, middle and lower back/sacrum and the pelvis.  Any extremity issues need to be related to the nerves of the upper back and neck or the lower back and Sacrum as they connect to the shoulders, elbows and hands or hips, knees, and ankles/feet.  It is complicated to work in the system that has so many limitations or restrictions.  As a profession, Chiropractic has worked hard over the years to change the rules to allow "full scope of practice", but the medical, physical therapy, and insurance companies typically oppose change that supports the use of Chiropractic care.  It is about money, power and market share.

When people forget or miss an appointment without notifying us in a timely manner, we are unable to schedule someone on the waiting list to allow them to get the care they need, so two patients are not getting the care they need. We will be charging a $30 missed appointment charge if you miss or cancel an appointment without a 24 hour notice.  We have not wanted to enforce this policy but the number of missed appointments is increasing and people are not getting proper care.

We are working hard to keep everyone safe and Coronavirus free in our office.  We try to be available at your scheduled time and limit the opportunity to have you near any other patients as you move through the office.  Thank you for telling others about us.  Don't forget to tell anyone interested in coming to us for care that they can learn about us from our website which shows the office and the instruments we use.

We hope you enjoy the research articles.

Current Articles

» Chiropractors Play An Essential Role In Auto Accident Injuries
» Can Your Mental Workload Affect Your Muscles?
» Vitamin D and Calcium for a Longer Life?

Chiropractors Play An Essential Role In Auto Accident Injuries

Chiropractors are arguably the best medical professional to see after you’ve been in an auto/motor vehicle accident. They're extensively trained in treating soft tissue injuries, including the most common auto accident injury: whiplash. Additionally, chiropractic methods are drug-free, natural, non-invasive, and focus on treating and rehabilitating the root cause of what hurts - the injured soft tissue itself.

Auto accidents are violent and almost always unexpected. The extent of occupant injuries can be minor to extreme and everywhere inbetween depending upon the many variables at play. Pain and other symptoms can be severe and immediate, but can also be insidious and not immediately noticed for days, weeks or even months post-accident. This makes obtaining a professional evaluation - a chiropractic evaluation - after any motor vehicle accident a necessity.

Your chiropractor will evaluate you from head to toe to determine the full extent of your injuries, if any. They can identify soft tissue injuries and discover painful areas that were previously unidentified and unnoticed. They can also swiftly develop an effective treatment protocol to get you back on the road to being healthy and pain-free. The sooner you get evaluated, the sooner you can receive the essential care your body and soft tissues need, giving you less downtime and a more optimal outcome.

For those without legal representation, the majority of chiropractors have existing relationships with law firms that can assist in your case, if appropriate. If legal representation has already been obtained, the majority of chiropractors will still gladly provide you with the essential medical care you need while dealing directly with your current attorney and legal team.

So if you have been involved in a recent or past auto injury accident, please reach out to our office today so we can get you out of pain, effectively heal and rehab any soft tissue injuries, or at minimum, evaluate you to perhaps simply put your mind at ease.


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Can Your Mental Workload Affect Your Muscles?

It's no secret that hard manual labor can have an effect on the body. But a new study suggests there may be a connection between musculoskeletal disorders and mental workload, too.  How does mental stress affect our bodies? Research published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics investigated bank workers' mental workload against pain throughout nine different musculoskeletal regions. The results demonstrated that the more subjective mental workload the employees experienced, the higher their musculoskeletal pain, particularly in the neck and back. Over time, we are beginning to understand the relationship between mental stress and musculoskeletal pain. Last year, a similar study was conducted on hospital nurses, revealing similar results, suggesting that increased mental stress leads to increased musculoskeletal pains.  For doctors of chiropractic, this research highlights a philosophy that chiropractic care has always embraced: the importance of holistic care. Exceptional and effective chiropractic care relies on a comprehensive approach that sees the body as a complete entity. Through a multifaceted approach including physical therapy, spinal manipulation, massage, nutrition, and more, chiropractic care helps individuals manage both their pain and their lifestyle to improve and eliminate discomfort from the source. Particularly for those with mentally stressful jobs, good posture can be easy to forget about, for instance. Emphasis and instruction on proper techniques and form for employees who stand or sit at a computer for long periods of time is an excellent example of preventing musculoskeletal aches and pains from developing. By taking appropriate breaks and learning tips and methods for minimizing physical and mental stress at work, a doctor of chiropractic can help guide stressed out workers towards a holistic method of resolving their mental and physical fatigue.

Source: J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2016 Jul-Aug;39(6):420-6.

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Vitamin D and Calcium for a Longer Life?

A review of several studies involving over 70,000 older individuals found that people who take vitamin D and calcium together may live longer than people who do not. The study, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, found that participants taking the supplements were 9% less likely to die over a three year period than individuals taking a placebo. Participants were administered 20 micrograms of vitamin D and 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day; both well within the guidelines suggested by US health officials. The reasons for the decline in mortality were unclear, although a decline in both hip fractures and cancer were suggested. Lead researcher Lars Rejnmark, of Aarhus University in Denmark, noted the effect as being comparable to the benefits of blood pressure medications and cholesterol-lowering statins. There was no effect noted by taking vitamin D alone.

Source: The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, May 17, 2012.

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